my older sister hates me

by sherri

My sister and i are 11yrs apart never had sisterly closeness, not even very much contact as adults. I lead a very dark, felony filled (30yrs old and up)I ended up in prison and was addicted to crack cocaine. 5 months after i got out my 25yr old son died which took part of my soul!

A month later my mom had a heart attack and open heart surgery and never went home 3 months later she died after a horrible battle. Both my son and mother had to be taken off life support and I held their hands as God took them home.

During this time my sister and i seemed to develop somewhat of a relationship. During all the while i was living in a halfway house and trying to work. I have several chronic illness and am trying to get my disability started. I have no income or anywhere else to go. I have been living with my sister for a little over a year. We've had our ups and downs but my nephew is going through a divorce and is having some sort of breakdown. My sister went to see him yesterday, on her way home out of the blue she sent me a text saying with HER family i get bossy with everybody and her family is not my business. Today she stayed home from work when i went down to get some ice i ask her a question and she bit my head off, so a few minutes later i asked about my nephew and she went off.. stop butting in HER family business, and some more things which set me off and i said i think you need some f-----g help (which was wrong of me) and then she told me to get out of her house. so now what?

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My older sister hates me.
by: Anonymous

From what you have said, your sister has been going through a difficult and sad time and not thinking what you have been through yourself.
You sound as though you have been through all sorts of upsets and you need a listening ear from someone. Maybe the Salvation Army could help in that way.

Your sister is not the right person to do this and in the meantime I do not think it would be wise to try and contact here. You were there for your family at the last which is something that you have done right,

There will be someone out there who will help you through this and to get back on your feet, it will be a difficult journey but you will do it.

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