My Miserable life

by Subhas
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

My friends and girlfriend left me; maybe I have some kind of problem so they left me. Now I have no friend or girlfriend, no money. I am 28 now but still I do not know my goal. Lots of things I try to do but I am never able to complete any of them. I have no money but I have lots of loan to pay and I analyze that I am useless for any kind of job, I need lots of money to pay my loan but I have no time. Sometimes I thought about suicide but I have my parents they are seek and I am their only hope. I don’t know how to help them. I cannot find any solution. I am unable to discuss my problem anyone because I am friendless.

I am a very shy and sentimental person. I am not good looking person nor do I have a great personality. I am useless. Now I am working a private company but my colleague insults me… I don’t know why… it looks like I am a joke to everybody. They are always teasing me. I am not good at my work so I know that anytime I can lose my job. I am always trying to see that none get hurt by me and I think that I am 95% successful in this but I don’t understand why everybody always try to hurt me. I have always tried to be a good person but I am failing to do this because nobody likes me. Everybody tries to ignore me, so I am unable to make any friends.

I cannot explain or am unable to express myself to anyone, though I have no one to share my feelings or problems with.
When I analyse my life as to what I have achieved in 28 years…………
Friends = none
Girlfriend = none
Money = -*******
Goal = none
Ability = none

Whenever I ask myself why I am living till now? I can’t find any answer. I find that suicide is a path for me. But whenever I think about my parents I am unable to do that. My parents are always sacrificings their dreams just for me, they love me lots. I love them very much also. So I am unable to do suicide.
I cannot do anything. Maybe I am one of the most ignorable, shameless, useless, irresponsible, ugly, unlucky, aimless, helpless and hopeless person in this world.
Sorry for wasting your time I don’t know what to do.

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My miserable life
by: Anonymous

Nothing is ever hopeless, there is always some good in everyone and you may have abilities and talents you have never realised. You need some form of counselling and help to see where you are going. Have you thought of approaching any people associated with religion that you belong to.
Just sit down and take stock of all the things that you are good at and enjoy and go from there. Everyone no matter how humble has much going for them. You might need to take a new direction. Just keep away from people who put you down and families are good at doing just that.

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