My life

My life isn't a fairy tale
but it is not a horror
there are hard times and
then there are hard
but all I have seen
is mostly hard
I wonder why was I born oldest
why was I born at all
was I born to comfort you
or just to be your maid
the hardest time in my life
is feeling I'm trapped in another
universe banging to get out
it makes me feel
am I an accident or
was I born for a reason

Then when I go to sleep
I see my life as a fairy tale
me and my family are sitting around a table
laughing with a heart for show
I hope everyday that might happen
before I wither away

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I feel the same way
by: Erin Simeron

I feel the same way but a little different! I always wonder why I was put on earth. I feel like my life is a "go with the flow" kind of life and I will never know what will happen next, I just go with the flow!

by: Anonymous

This is a really touching poem. I can honestly say I can relate to it!

I rate the person that wrote this. :)

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