My Life Totallyyy Sux Emotionally and Sometimes Physicallyy -__-

by Jordan
(In a Cave)

Me as of Now, i have no pics of back then cuzz i hated my looks soo much

Me as of Now, i have no pics of back then cuzz i hated my looks soo much

Ok where do I start...Well I was born I guess, one of the ugliest kids you've ever seen, big lips, crooked nose, and 1 big ear and 1 normal ear. I think I can honestly say I was born deformed, and retarded.

Throughout my young life it was hell I just got uglier and I pretty much made no friends whatsoever through school maybe 1 or 2 and I had no effect on girls whatsoever which really hurt me a lot emotional wise. I got picked on because of my ear problem and hated by most because of the jealousy of all the nice things I had (I was brought up well off) I believe junior was the worst. any pictures or memories I have from back then I get rid of or block out because I hate it sooo much. I blame God for every problem I have in my life and it makes sense because he has the power to help and change me but he just chooses to sit back on his ass and do nothing and this whole "you're unique in your own way crap don't cut it, I don't believe he exists pure and simple.

Now we can fast forward to now, 1 year after high school I changed and now I'm like one of the most popular kids around, decent looking to an extent still no girlfriend though and only like 1 or 2 friends nobody wants to date me around here because they have reputations or something that they don't want to ruin. Anyways that's just a quick look into my sh**ty life, I wake up hating myself and I go to bed hating myself, I depend on my family for everything, I have no direction in life (too stupid for a real job and school) If I had a girlfriend it would help sooo much but I don't think that will ever happen. Questions or comments people? Thanx

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by: Anonymous

Just read your comment on this post. It made sense to me. I just posted a problem and now thinking how I am "thinking" very insecure and depressed and realize that I am thinking my way into a worse state. It is easy to forget that thinking molds your life, but, if I remember to think positive thoughts, I "think" I can turn myself into a better person.

I know no one wants to be with a down and unhappy human, I know I don't, so I am gonna start replacing sad, bad, insecure, and pity thoughts, with happy and uplifting thoughts. I have decided to hug my child self as if I were her mom and friend, every time I feel say. better late than never.

I am 63 and all these years need to be changed into 20 year old happy me (which I never was) and just start over...
Thanks again for the advice to the above post.
Marti jean


Thanks for the thanks! I am excited that you have realised it's never to late to change. I wish you a happy fulfilled life in the future.


My life totally sux emortionally and physically
by: Anonymous

It is up to you, a lot of people go through part of their life thinking that they do not measure up. It may take years to get yourself sorted out but you will in the end.
The best thing to do is to get interested in some project where you can help someone or help a group achieve an object that they are going after. It will give you a lot of satisfaction when you have done something like that when you see what the results are.
You will find that most people have doubts about life and feel sometimes that it is not right but it is up to everyone to make some effort to get it right. You have to have heart and to believe in you and when you do that, you will have come along further than you would have ever thought to do.
If you want a girl friend the right person will come into your life when you are ready for them, you may have a couple come up with no jelling but do not get disheartened as you may not be right for one another. Keep on trying and best of luck

Unhappy with life
by: Kay

Wow you don't like yourself do you? If you could put a smile on your face you would be a handsome young man. Whatever you believe you are, this is what you are. Whatever you tell yourself about yourself this is what you become. You can blame those around you but they are not the reason for what has gone wrong in your life, you are the reason.

There exists personal responsibility and you are responsible for yourself. It is your thoughts that make you who you are. You should not blame God for whatever has happened to you in your life, you should not blame your parents. The only person responsible is you, and things may not go right for you until you step up and accept that you are responsible for your own life.

You have many thoughts throughout the day and when you react to a thought this becomes your reality and forms your life. When you moan and groan that things aren't going right they don't go right because you don't expect them to. A good attitude is essential for a good life.

Outside influences shape you if you allow them. You have to accept responsibility, and you do this by how you feel, by how you think about yourself and unless you change your thought pattern things will not improve, things will get no better because you don't believe they will. The only way for things to improve is for you to start believing that they will. Stop reacting in a negative way because it is these thoughts that cause your problems.

Thoughts make you how you are, nothing else, purely the way you react to something that happens. One way you can help yourself is by accepting that you have a personal responsibility, that others are not to blame. To change your life you have to change from within for this is where your problem lies, so start to believe in yourself stop blaming others, stop blaming God and parents, and decide that enough is enough, you aren't happy with the way things are, and change your mind set and become how you want to be.

Only you can do this no one can do it for you it's as simple as this if you allow it to be.

Good luck, When you stay determined you will achieve a better life.


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