my life so far

by anonymous

I may be quite young (13) but I still know what you feel like. Ever since I was about 11 I started to feel depressed, I have never had a girlfriend which is quite sh*t when uglier kids than you have.

I have become quite jealous of other people who have lots of friends when they're not even that nice. I dont know what to do.

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my life so far
by: Anonymous

You have to find the people you have something in common with, they are around. You do not always want to be one of the sheep or goats.

There are people you have nothing in common with and they may not want to give you friendship, just leave them behind, there will be other people out there for you.

There has to be some chemistry as well in your relationships with other people.
You will have interests or want to find out about activities and recreation in your area, if you are not interested in sport but you are inclined to artistic endeavours and you may have interests that no other person in your vicinity enjoys, but there will be people out there who are looking for someone who feels about things the way you do.

My life so far
by: Kay

Throughout life you will always get people who you feel are better than you, when in fact they aren't. Life is about how you feel inside, not how you look.

Be happy, smile, chat to people. Friendship has to be given before it can be received. Don't hold back and wait for others to speak to you, speak to them first. Ask about them, their interests, anything, so that you feel more at ease. They should open up and return the talk. If they don't, move on to the next person and try again, and again, until you 'click' with someone.

Remember it's not how you look but the way you act. When you feel good inside you reflect this to others and attract people to you. They will be attracted because of how you are, how you behave, and because you are a caring person, not how you look.

If someone does judge you by your looks without trying to get to know you they aren't worth bothering about.

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