my life so far

by some sad boy

I have never thought that I can express my feelings but maybe that's the way to change them. I'm 18 years old boy and I have been sad for almost my whole life.

When I was a kid I was weak and shy and too sweet with others people. They laughed at me at school because I was different. People liked me for my sweetness but they mostly took advantage of me at school at home.

In general I hated my life, imagine a little kid in his little world hating his life until the middle school. I suffered two more years
then one night I said enough is enough. I went to school the next day and the first person who made a joke about me I beat the hell out of him they take him to a hospital. That was the case for two years. Every one that looked at me strange I beat him up no matter how small the reason was. I always used violence then people just stayed away of me. Even those who liked me in the past turned their back on me. I didn't speak to anyone because everyone was scared of me but they didn't bother me anymore. I thought that this was better, but the loneliness killed me from the inside.

I thought for weeks until I found a solution. I went to a boxing gym. I said if I put my aggression in the ring maybe I will be open with the world and meet new people who will like me and I found out that I was a great boxer. Outside the school I met a great people in the boxing world and I was not violent like before I just ignored everybody.

I got to high school and make new friends and I spend a great year but in the second year they turned out to be bunch of traitors, they betrayed me big time. I didn't trust people any more, I was always alone, I hated my life once again and the last year at high school I made new friends but I didn't trust them, I just waited for them to betray me again

Eventually I didn't take my exams and dropped high school and that's my life so far. I don't know were the future will take me?

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my life so far.
by: Anonymous

We all go through periods of time when nothing goes right but there is always a time for change. We all have friends who for some reason do not turn out to be the friends we would like to have, Just because you felt that you had been let down, there are other people down the road who will be turn to be real friends, sometime it takes time to find out who you are, when you do that, the right situations will arise.
There should be some way of completing your education or taking on something new. Take heart

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