My Journey

I am not a religious person, and totally believe in self as a tool for my esteem and personal worth. As the people closest to me have let me down I look to myself.

I have fantastic friends that help me along the way when I need advice and guidance but at the end of the day as I put my head on the pillow I alone am responsible for my actions.

I don't believe you need to go through religious channels as guidelines in your life. A very christian person just recently said to me that I am my own God, and actually she was right!

I live my life for me and my children, family and friends. I help strangers also. I feel I am a good person and help were I can. I also have faced many challenges in life, and believe I am a stronger person because of these. Emotional, physical abuse, teen pregnancy, kicked out of home, low self esteem, depression, etc. I faced a lot of these on my own, and when needed asked for outside help.

Talking is the key. To safe people, who don't judge and are going to be helpful and sympathetic.

I feel my life could have gone down two roads. A very bad one and the one that I fought hard for to change and be a better person. I am a strong woman now but had to go through trauma and fight to get there.

I am now facing probably the biggest decision I will make for my children and me at the moment. Separating from my husband. Not a decision taken lightly, and frowned upon my many, but my journey to take none the less.

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Re: Journey
by: Anonymous

Thanks Kay. I value your input. Yes love will find a way.

What a neat website! I hope more people find it.


Life's problems
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Your message is totally what this website is about. Each of us has to be responsible for our own lives and we should each make our own choices by going with the heart, so in other words what we want, and not what others expect of us.

Throughout life we have choices, sometimes we make good choices and sometimes we are unhappy with the result, but even a bad choice can turn out right, because we can learn from the experience it gives us. This enables us to grow stronger.

Like you, I believe each of us has God within, and when we learn to live with this God, and listen to what it tells us we live our lives in the way that is right for us. We grow in strength because we have found love within, and when we love ourselves we can be invincible.

This is how you are, and I know that whatever decisions you make about your future will be taken from the heart, and you can't ask more that this, than to be guided by your own God can you?

Good luck,

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