My Happiness Was Worth Waiting For

by Stacey
(United Kingdom)

My happiness was slow in arriving, but it did come eventually. I want to share what happened to me.

I have been married for thirteen years, and have two boys, aged ten and seven.

In October 2006 I started feeling unhappy. As time passed I felt so down that everything suffered. I felt stressed out all the time, my marriage, home life, being a mum, rushing around, working, having no 'me time', taking boys to and from after school activities, cooking, cleaning, feeling tired. (I had one evening a week where I had no rushing about!)

The main factor to my stress was my work environment. I worked at a pre-school. I love children. I always have, and I am good relating to them, but there was so much written work that had to be done, without pay, during my own time, in the evening.

Just knowing it had to be done, started to stress me. Paper work and reading have never been a strong point with me, even back to my school days. The work load was starting to get me down, and it took me away from my family life.

My husband told me if I was that unhappy, just leave, (simple) he was so calm about it. I never thought of leaving as it was close to Christmas. What if I did not find a job? If I did, would it fit in with my children at school? The little money I got from this job was better than nothing, surely, and the hours suited.

I thought about it, then, together with my husband, I wrote my resignation. What a weight that was lifted off my shoulders! I felt great.

Now came job hunting!! I looked for weeks. I started going to interviews. Now that was me out of my comfort zone!!

Christmas flew past then January, February, March. I went to supermarkets, no luck.

I went for a job at a Hospice and had my heart set on it. I thought this was the job for me. I felt I could make a difference to everyone there. I cried when I was told I didn't get the job.

There is a happy ending here!

I went for an interview at a local private nursery, working with children again. As soon as I walked in for the interview it 'felt right'. I got the job with flying colors!

I started at Easter. There is NO paper work, and I also cover for other staff when they can't work. My boss makes sure it all fits in with school hours. It is a fantastic place to work.

I truly believe, and have learned with time, that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON in life!!

I was never meant to have the Hospice job, and all the knock backs I got were worth it in the end, as I have never been so happy in a job before.

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Happiness At Last!
by: Kay

The happiness ball has started to roll - thanks for giving it the first push! I wonder how big it can grow?

Happiness is a good feeling isn't it Stacey, and in your case well worth waiting for! It's great when you have a job that you makes you happy! Thank you for sharing as you have.

Love, light and rainbows,


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