My Greatest Achievement

by Lynn Stromborn
(Brick, NJ 08724)

My greatest achievement was when I started thinking of positive ways to improve my life. For 15 years I went into a deep depression. This consisted of panic attacks, lack of concentration, crying, anxiety, overeating, mental confusion. With all these problems,

my everyday life was very confusing to me.I spent several weeks in the hospital because I could not cope with my life.

First I went to a psychiatrist to obtain prescription medication for anxiety. I also went for psychotherapy to learn how to think positive instead of having all those negative feelings like "I cannot do this" or "I am afraid to do this." The therapy really began to work.
Soon, I began to feel better and worked on the steps of building self-confidence.

Today, I practice positive thinking and have become a person who has let go of anxiety to really feel good about myself. My greatest achievement has been learning how to deal with problems and saying,"yes I can" and doing it.

I am not strong in mind, body and spirit. I will, strength and motivation. Problems are important to me.
With them I can move forward into the direction of my own personal goals. I will always remember nothing is impossible unless I believe to be. If you do not believe you can do a task, then do not do it.

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My greatest achievement
by: Anonymous

Your message of hope should help someone else to find their strengths and be able to move on. It does take a lot of effort but it is worth it in the end.

The right help can make a lot of difference when you are feeling lost and in confusion as to what you are worth. One good thing will come out of your experience that you have the insight and understanding to give someone else some hope. There are very few people in this world who have not gone through a dark night of the soul, not knowing what they are capable of and not knowing where they can go for help.

There are people out there who are happy in their own comfort zone and will not move out of it fearing the outside world. They are not capable of understanding someone else's pain. They can do a lot of harm to someone who is really down and out.

Greatest achievement
by: Kay

Thank you for sharing Lynn. Indeed this is a great achievement. You are right to feel proud.

I know from experience how difficult it is to stay positive at times. With the right attitude and determination and of course the right mindset we can all do it, but it's not easy.

Well done!


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