My G'f returned all my gifts after breakup, what should I do now?

by Ajay G

I had an extra marital affair with a girl for more than 3 years and the girl is single still.

She was engaged with someone else but when her boyfriend died, she told me she loved me after 4 years of my successful marriage.

I was happy with that girl as she was my childhood love but after few months she asked me to do only things she wants, i.e. "Don't keep any relation with your wife" or "Don't do anything for your wife" which was not possible and from last 2 years she is abusing me and manipulating me because I don't do completely what she wants but I tried my best what I can do for her..

Few days ago she quarreled with me and told me some bad words, abused me.. the reason was "I was away with my wife for Exams. I also hadn't told some of my friends I'm married and that day she called my friends and told that "This boy destroyed my life and left me alone and some similar things..." and my friends started abusing me that you are not a good guy, you cheated this girl.. and so on...

Finally I stopped talking to her from last 20 days and today she returned all my gifts and everything related to me and just now I'm asking you some advice for my life...

I don't like the way she returned my gifts... she gave some money to my guard and the guard brought all my things...

I'm feeling very very sad and weeping at the moment... I've no idea what I need to do... I love her very much but now I've nothing with her.. I don't know what she is thinking... Just need your advice for my wounded heart... :(

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by: Anonymous

The only person I feel sorry for is your WIFE.

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