My friends mum

by Katie
(england )

I go round my friends house every Thursday and all the time she sits there quietly crying at night calling her self, Listening to what other people say about her, she's lonely everyone blanking her, I try and get her involved talk to her help her out and I do really want to help her can you help me?

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My friend's Mum
by: Anonymous

Your friend's mother has some serious problems. Can your friend not alert someone in her family to deal with this situation as you are not in the position yourself to help her. She may be suffering from depression and people in that situation often cannot access help themselves.
If there is somebody out there who knows both of your families you might be able to speak to them if they are qualified to intervene. It will have to be a person who can keep it confidential that you have contacted them.

Friends mum
by: Kay

You are very thoughtful and kind in wanting to help this lady. Unfortunately she is the one who has to make the effort to help herself, you cant do it for her.

I feel counselling may help her, or an adult to speak to her. Has she spoken with her doctor, does she have any friends she can confide her problems to?

Maybe advising she speaks to her doctor first is the sensible thing to suggest.

Thank you for caring, you are special.


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