My Friend

by Theresa Newton

My Friend is gone, my memory is not, It's been a long time, pictures I have only to look at. I could tell her anything and she would be there for me. She was my best friend,She was my mother. Damn Cancer!

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My friend
by: Anonymous

I symphasize with you as I lost my own mother when I was only 16. It was devastating and it took me a long time to recover from her death.
It is very hard when you lose a much loved family member with whom you have shared much. It takes time to work through it when everyone else has gone home after the funeral. It is the emptiness that one can feel. Seeing the familiar surroundings and the little things that you used to do is hard.
There will be other people who will sadly miss her as well so you will not be on your own completely. There are bereavement support groups or your church with whom you could make contact for counselling. You must have friends who will give your support and take you out.

Your mother would not want you to go on grieving, she would want you to take up your life again and go on and do the things that she would have wanted you to do. In the future there will be other people who need your love and care

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