My brother hates me

by Not telling sorry
(Not telling sorry)

Im 13 and he is 15. Ever since I was young he picked on me and while im stressing over how he hates me.

My family is going through a divorce. But it all started when it was 6 summers ago. One summer night it was really hot so we used the pull out bed. He didnt want me to use it so he said I wish you had never been born. I may have only
been 7 but I knew what that meant. He still blames everything on me, he hates my boyfriend, he bullies me on how thin I am ( ex: "You're just like a twigg all I have to do is bend your arm the way its supposed to go and you'll probably die"). I can't live like this and I have thought of suicide or leaving a note and running away. I want to prevent that but with the road Im
going down suicide is my only hope. Please talk me out of this.

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To kay
by: Author

I have told my parents all but the scuicide part cause they might think im crazy and i know im not. They dont even believe me about how unkind my brother is to me

Brothers that hate you
by: Anonymous

I know exactly what you are going through,because I have one like that. I say I have one like that, because years later,he has not changed. Please be aware he is a bully, and he enjoys making your life a misery. Is there anyone in your household that is aware of your problem? Is your mother sympathetic? If not,you need to talk to someone about this,its very important.
If he is challenged, whith someone on tour side, he will not like other people knowing it. You have to make as many people know as possible.
I could not believe my brother could do this to me,because he was my brother. It hurt.
Its about him ,not you. He has a big problem,and its not your fault. My brother has a personality disorder, which started when we were kids. He wanted to be the centre of attention,and me and my younger brother got pushed aside.
He targeted me ,because I was the girl,and knew my other brother would eventually fight back. My mother did not help, because she let him get away with it, so years went by, and he learnt that this was the way he wanted it. He turned into a Narcissist with a violent temper. Its taken me years to work it all out. I would not like you to suffer as I did. Do something about it now,otherwise you will end up with all sorts of self esteem issues like me,good luck,you deserve a happy life!

My brother hates me.
by: Kay

I am truly sorry about the problems you are having in your life. I know that unkind words hurt very much.

I would suggest that you speak to an adult about what is happening with your brother and ask them for advice on how to handle him. Have you told either of your parents? Maybe you have a favourite teacher you can confide in. Suicide is never ever the answer. Communicating is the way to go. Ask for help from an older person.

Unfortunately we can't choose our family but can choose our friends. Make sure you have friends who are kind to you and like your company.

Don't get into arguements with your brother, and as hard as this is going to be, when he says nasty things to you, dont believe what he says, say nothing to him and walk away and do something you enjoy. Put some music on, anthing so that you dont have to listen to his nastiness.

Stay strong, believe in yourself, know that you are a special person, and not at all the way he says you are.


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