My Brother has not had a formal education is not working and is not willing to get married.

by A

My brother, my kid brother whom I love a lot is so much unlike me. He is 26 and did not complete his education. He does not have many friends and is not open to the thought of marriage in the future.

He is also not working anywhere. He whiles his time most of the time. He is into shares and stuff which I don't like.

He is so good looking that anyone would envy. I really want him to be like other boys of his age.

I had always thought of my brother as a great one but he is really not working on making my parents proud.

What should we as a family do? We are done with explaining things to him and now have given up.

So whatever we say, we say positive things to him just to motivate him.

I had never thought this would be his future.
I always subconsciously compare my husband and my brother and my brother seems to be nowhere despite his talents and good looks.

We as a family need serious thoughts on this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Family problem
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. If your brother is happy with how he is then nothing you do or say will probably change him.

I believe each of us is responsible for our own lives, and that he should be allowed to live his in the way that suits him. He may not want to get married, and many young men don't, until they meet the girl that sweeps them off their feet!

Dabbling in stocks and shares can often bring big rewards, particularly if he is astute and studies the stock market.

He has talents and gifts that suit him but not you, and I really feel he is entitled to organize his life in the way that makes him happy.

His future should be just that, his future, the way he wants it, not how someone else believes it should be. Put his happiness first, and if you know he is happy, I see no option but to love him just for being how he is!


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