My 7 years old

by anonimo
(new jersey)

I have a 7 years old daughter, she is a good kid, good sister(5 years old girl), good daughter, very good friend and good student, tries to do her best in classes and she is very good at art and drawing.

She is very shy, at first, very sweet and very caring but she says she doesn't like her face.
She likes her eyes, mouth and nose but she doesn't like her face and doesn't think she is beautiful.
Also, for the past 4 months she has been taking a while in fixing her hair in front of the mirror, she says she wants it pretty but all she does is put a lot of water in it, and brush it really flat.
My husband and I show them and tell them how much we loves them all the time and we are really good in praising them and telling them how proud we are of them.
I believe self confidence makes you able to be successful in life and we need to teach them more self confidence, but how?. can you help?

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I am 16 year old
by: april boughton

I am not happy at all I cut myself every day and night because I want to get a attention. I am always upset and I don't love myself.

My seven year old
by: Anonymous

Tell your daughter that a person is like a book, one must read the book to see what is in it. The cover may be drab but the story in the book is what holds the attention.
Everybody has some good features, and their own unique looks it would be a dull world if everyone looked the same.
The beauty on the inside is more than the beauty on the outside. People are more drawn to someone who is a nice person and caring about other people which she is.
When you visit the children's section of your local library, tell her to have a look through all the books and pick out the ones with drab covers and then some with bright covers and see what she finds inside. She may find an enthralling story inside a book that does not look much on the outside and be disappointed in a book with a bright cover.

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