by Mohammed Khan
(Birmingham, England)

After nearly two years of battling with cancer my wife passed away at the age of 27. My son who after birth started to loose weight at a quick rate and had to have heart operation. After a year from wife passing, my dear father passed away with a heart attack.

I can complain at life, but I choose to thank God for the time he gave me with them and the memories I have. I trust in the higher plan at work. I wake up, thanking for every day I have.

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Love and Light to you.
by: Stacey

To Mohammed,

What hard times you have had in the past and I am sorry to hear of your loss of your wife and father. Take comfort to know that their souls are together in a higher world, although still very close around you and your son.

I feel so proud for you when reading the positive way in which you thank God for the time and memories you have with them and no other person can ever take that away from you.

Bless you and your son,
Wishing you every happiness,
Stacey x

Uplifting Words
by: Kay

Mohammed, I am truly sorry for your loss, and the sorrow in your life.

I am grateful for your wonderful uplifting words to visitors who may read them. It is only when we read of other peoples problems, and how they cope, that sometimes we realise how small ours may be in comparison.

I admire your attitude, I believe it is the right one, one most of us strive to achieve. I agree with you wholeheartedly, give thanks because we had our loved ones, if only for a short time, that in itself is a blessing. I too know and believe in a higher plan.

I am sure your son is blessed to have a father who understands, one who will pass on his inner strength to him, and that he will grow into a fine young man, like his father.

Thank you for sharing.
Love light and rainbows,

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