by Miriam

I keep on getting a really bad school report I just can't be happy or have Confidence.

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Bad school reports.
by: Anonymous

It is disheartening when you try to do your best and you still feel that you get bad reports. What about your parents, do they not try and help you and sort out your school work. Have you difficulty with some subjects and lack of help and putting down from your teachers. Has anyone tried to find out where you have had problems.
Poor teachers often do not get their facts across leaving students bewildered and not getting on with learning when it all should be clear what they are teaching.
You may need professional help to find out what is wrong as you may have problems with sorting out facts and with reading etc.
People do have difficulty with reading and writing which is not their fault. Once you have got behind it is hard to catch up and that is where you need some assistance.
If you have a sympathetic teacher or other adult to whom you can talk about these problems or a counsellor, then you are halfway there. There is nothing wrong with your intelligence, it could be something which can be sorted out, letting you learn a lot better. A change of teacher may help.

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