by Mia

Hi I'm Mia and 16 years old. I have really low self confidence and low self esteem. I hate talking to new people for example I'm buying clothes and I have need to talk to someone who works there I get really nervous and I get scared that they are judging me!

I am overweight and I want to lose it but I have problems with that because of the lack of healthy food that I like. It seems like every time I tell myself no, 5 minutes later I'm doing the complete opposite. Please I really need advice or something because I'm just getting depressed and stressed over all of this.

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Low confidence
by: Kay

Hello Mia, I understand totally how you feel having suffered myself from low self esteem. I was born and lived in Luton! Now I now live in New Zealand.

Low self confidence and low self esteem are caused by your own thoughts. Its strange but we tend to pick up on the horrible thoughts we have about ourselves and believe them rather than think good stuff about ourselves and make these thoughts true.

What you should do Mia is change your mindset to one of where you think you are all the good things you want to be. So "I am confident" "I am very capable" "I trust myself" "I can do this", all things that make you become how you long to be. Start today with positive words and in time you will begin to feel better.

You have to change yourself from the inside Mia, because this is where your big problem is. At first you might find talking good thoughts to yourself difficult, but if you can believe those untrue nasty thoughts, I see no reason why you cant believe good confident things about yourself, do you?

With regard to your diet, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, avoid cakes, biscuits, pies, pizza, crisps, fatty foods, these are the foods that cause your weight problem. Fresh foods will give you a clear complexion and you will in time lose weight. Maybe say "I only eat healthy food" next time you yearn for a piece of pizza! Drinking lots of water is also good for you.

Good luck fellow Lutonian!


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