Low With Confidence


Male age-21, educated kind of person. Hey friends.

I was never in such a mood. I used to make friends very easily, I was very fast in my work. My confidence level was also very high. Very humorous kind of person, cracking jokes etc.

But I have seen myself in past two to three months everything working in negative. I am not able to open up with my friends. I am just accompanying them just for the sake.

My instant humorous act, jokes have seemed to have left me. I am feeling unhappy at times. I am losing in talks with friends, my decisions are not considered while I am with them.

I have been taken for granted. I have also seen something, I am not able to say "no" to the people (friends}. My behaviour sometimes becomes angry. I sometimes find myself go from was smart to very low person. I am also not able work out with my parents. I am always finding some mistakes in them.

Is this something usual? Or this is because change in maturity level. But I am not feeling good if this is the case. I am also becoming selfish in nature. Whether this is some shift due to concentration on ambitions.

Please help me to bring my happiness back.

Thank you.

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low self-confidence
by: Kay

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

I wonder whether something has happened to you that now makes you feel this way? Has someone said something negative to you that you have taken to heart.

Often all it takes is one negative comment to plant the seed inside your mind, and this takes over to change you from a positive person to one who has doubts.

You appear to be constantly analyzing how you feel and how you act, and are not liking what you are discovering.

Can you try hard to stop doing this? Can you stop focusing on what you feel to be wrong and concentrate solely on what is good about you. Your sense of humor, your quick mind, your ability to get things done quickly. I am sure you have many talents when you stop to think about them.

You are becoming self-conscious about yourself. When you dwell on your bad points they will get bigger and bigger and will drag you down as your self esteem gets lower.

It is important that you like yourself, and when you tell yourself what is wrong with you, you become this way. Your negative thoughts are changing you from a confident person to one with low confidence.

Try to change your thinking and focus solely on your good points and how you want to be. Believe you are confident, sure of yourself, liked by everyone, listened to when you speak. Feel these thoughts, and don't let any negative ones take root, get ride of them simply by not allowing them inside your mind.

You can do this, you need to appreciate yourself far more, realize you are worthwhile and that you do have value, and then stay positive!

Good luck for the future.


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