Low Self-Esteem

Ok so i'm 12 years old and i have a problem with having confidence in myself. Everything is a struggle to do without thinking about how I look when I do it. Even going down to tie my shoe puts a thought in my head that everyone's watching me with cruel hateful eyes.

Some days are worse then others, some days I start crying for no reason and others I'm as happy as can be. I always look in the mirror and think "Whats wrong with me?". On my worst days I insult myself, saying how ugly I look, how different I look from everyone else.

Sometimes it gets so bad that I need to be left alone because I'm unable to speak. I cant walk anywhere by myself without the thought of people staring. I'm scared of how much worse this will get, how much worse the insults will get. How much worse will I become? And how much longer until I decide what to do with my life knowing that in the back of my head, something is telling me that I am a worthless loser, a waste of space, just another mouth to feed in the world. Someone, anyone, help me...

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Low self esteem
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.
The important thing you have to realise is that you are causing all your problems! All the horrible thoughts are making you unhappy, and that's all they are, thoughts inside your mind. When you can change those thoughts you will change how you are.

The way to change is to stop all the bad thoughts about yourself because when you tell yourself something often, the subconscious pays attention, hears, and obeys those thoughts, and so it thinks you are all the bad thoughts you tell it.

Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Can you begin to feed it some good thoughts about yourself, like "I am am confident" "I am happy" "I am a wonderful person" "Everyone like me". I know you probably don't think this way at the moment, but please, start saying things like this today, and say them often. Please, do me a big favor, from now on every time you look in the mirror, smile, look in your eyes and say "I love you, you are beautiful". I know, I know, you probably think that's a stupid thing to tell you to do, and I know it wont be easy at first, but please, I am old, humor me lol. I have a 12 year old granddaughter so I know that all 12 years olds are beautiful people, trust me on this one!

When you change your thought pattern from negative to positive you will start to feel more confident. If you can spend time telling yourself things such as "I am a worthwhile person" "I am confident and strong" "I am powerful" this is how you will become. Stay completely away from any negative thoughts you may have about yourself. When they come to mind stop them and replace them with something positive.

You have the choice to change your thoughts, and when you realise this, and put positive thoughts into your everyday life, you will be become how you want to be.

Only you can do this. When you believe you can, you will be able to.

Good luck, and remember, you truly are beautiful, inside and out, you have to believe this though to make it so.


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