low self-esteem

Hi. My name is D and I'm in my mid-twenties. I've been struggling with low self-esteem for a quite while but it's been more intense since I got with my boyfriend of 11 months. He's a good guy and doesn't put me down, but I always feel like I'm not good enough for him so I drink to numb the insecurity and act out a little more extroverted.

I've been told I'm boring by a guy I really liked before and I'm quiet and shy. I have a handful of great friends who think I'm funny and out there but with strangers it's just hard for me to strike a conversation. Sometimes I don't even care to. I'm tired of feeling this way. I feel like there's always something missing.

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Low self esteem
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Low self esteem is not nice! The problem is we tend to concentrate on how we feel and when our thoughts are not loving towards ourselves we feel low in confidence and think nobody wants to be around us. Of course this is all in our minds and probably not in the minds of those who are with us.

Your main problem is that you don't think much of yourself, you probably don't feel as good as other people, you feel that you are uninteresting and this is turn saps any confidence you may have. You have to love yourself! You have to change those thoughts you have about the way you are.

Whatever you believe about yourself is true! Change your belief system to one of "I am fabulous" "I am interesting" "I love myself" "I can do anything" "I am brilliant" "I am worthwhile" "Everyone loves me". How did you feel as you read those affirmations? Say them with feeling, you should be able to feel a change within yourself, of "Yes I can be like this". The more you hear positive self talk the more confident you are going to become. If you don't believe me at this point fake it till you make it!

You are as good as anyone you come into contact with. No one person is better than you. When you find it difficult to chat to people become a good listener. People like people who listen to their stories. When they speak if you ask them another question this will keep them talking and you wont have to say much at all.

Good luck. You can do this!


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