Low self-confidence leads to stupid mistakes.

by Mary

Lately, I have noticed that my low self-confidence is affecting my life more and more.

I graduated from college with a science degree and have been searching for months now for a position. I feel as though I am worthless and have no skills to move me forward. I understand that the economic situation is bad, but still blame myself for not being able to find the right position.

Recently, I decided to volunteer at a laboratory. My nerves got the best of me and I am at the point where I subconsciously think over every step I make. As a result, I end up making really dumb mistakes or asking my supervisor questions that any child should be able to answer. I think I stressed myself out to the point where I am just expecting a mistake to come out. Consequently, I feel like I am not as intelligent and people would question my abilities. At this point, I cannot help myself because after I say or do something stupid, it will stay in my mind for days and I would worry more and more what others will think of me after all of what had happened.

I guess I have no self confidence and no self esteem anymore. Throughout most of my life, especially college years, no one praised me for my achievements but only pushed me forward to do better. That is where my mentality comes from and I feel like everything I accomplish is not enough and should be perfected. Lack of sleep, stress, and work I am tired and sick of own self.

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Low Confidence
by: Anonymous

I say whatever you are involved in, your thought processes will follow the same route. Me years ago and me now. Then, you go over and over something- you are not sure. That is lack of confidence and self doubt. If you can analyse your thoughts at the time- in that moment, how you were feeling, you will realise gradually when you are more confident,that its not the same as you are feeling NOW. When you are permanently confident, you have belief in yourself and ,not for a moment would you think that your contribution is not as good as anyone else's. Its self fulfilling. When you look around, and watch how other people are, you will realise that, I really AM a bit cleverer than that. Its you convincing you is the key

I relate completely
by: Anonymous

I am a chemistry major in my senior year. I am volunteering with a professor doing research. I keep messing up on little things. Like making a solution and having the concentration off by a factor of ten.
I know how you feel, I sit and over think every step. At least you ask questions. I get too afraid (or proud) and end up having to redo the entire experiment.
Have self confidence in the fact that you have a degree in science, since most people aren't confident enough to major in a science field at all.

Similar situation
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am also a science major and will graduate next year. I feel the exact same way with you (except I haven't started looking for jobs yet). However, my GPA isn't that great for grad schools, and I am extremely nervous.

I am extremely hardworking and get stressed out when I don't see my determination being paid off. In other words, I work so hard only to be told by admission officers that my GPA should be higher because other students have higher GPAs. As a science major, our whole lives are based on competition due to the stress placed on us.

Also, are you really set on working in a lab for your whole life? If you want to do research, make sure you are content with the atmosphere. I found research to be boring, hard, and stressful. It was boring and hard because I didn't truly enjoy figuring out exact measurements or concentrations of solutions. It felt like school all over again instead of a job. And it was stressful because you constantly have to feel like you are discovering the next-big-thing. Some people love it, but your heart really has to be into doing research. Otherwise, your work life may be difficult.

Just an idea I will throw out here, but have you considered nursing school? There are graduate nursing schools that I think are 2 years long, and you have a high chance of getting a job afterwards. The pay is good, too. Another option is checking out fieldwork research. Maybe a laboratory setting isn't right for you, but you might want conduct research in a different type of setting. Your volunteer job should help you obtain such a position.

Great stuff here
by: Anonymous

I very much liked reading what others have written here.

Low self confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with Positive Personal Growth. You cause your own low self confidence by the thoughts you have. When you believe you can't do something you are right, because this is expected.

Why then can't you say, "I can do this", and just do it! This is what it takes. The right thought process, one that tells you that you are capable, are worthwhile and confident. When your thoughts go in this manner they become your expectation, and of course this is how you will become. So, change the thoughts you have about yourself to "I can do this" and then do it.

Why not start today, I am sure you will succeed when you want to.

Good luck.

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