Low self esteem

by Harsh

Hi. I am 17. and i am a boy.and i have really low-esteem.and zilch confidence. NONE.AT.ALL. its mostly because my parents have been nagging me about everything i do. The only thing i am good at is soccer and computers, but my dad doesn't like me playing soccer. He refuses to drive me to the stadium (or park) and he gets really angry if i get hurt. I have tried explaining to him that i am a kid and i am supposed to get hurt, but he doesn't think so.

My mom is always nagging me about the clothes i wear, the food i eat, the way i spend my time. I think our house has a very negative atmosphere. I don't like the country i live in (i know, right?)but maybe if you lived in India, you would believe me. The people here are the biggest hypocrites i have ever seen. I have lots of friends but i don't want friends. i wanna be left alone. I don't wanna talk to anyone. Nor do i have anyone in my home to talk to. I hate myself. I hate the way i look. I hate the way I do everything. But mostly, i am frustrated with myself, my parents. i have stopped eating and i don't feel like eating or drinking anymore. I am just tired of living. I am tired of living someone else's life. Sometimes i wish to black out and leave all of it behind. There i finally shared my problems with you guys.

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low self esteem
by: Kay

You are so unhappy with things in your life start concentrating on yourself in a good way. Don't get sucked in to negativity around you, become your own best friend.

Change those thoughts you have of yourself away from what you can't do, how awful you feel, how you want to be left alone, and focus on what you want to do with the rest of your life. You can be what you want to be. Strong minded or weak can't be bothered minded. The thoughts you have make you who you are. Change your mind set into positive thoughts, stick with them and your attitude will change, you will change and things will become better for you.

Good luck,

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