Low Self esteem

by Diya

I am a 28 year old stay at home mom of a 21 month old kid. I have had very low self esteem since my childhood days and has not improved yet. This problem is affecting my relationship with my husband. Also I fear it will have a bad effect on my little daughter.

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low self esteem
by: Anonymous

You would be surprised at how many people suffer from this, you are not the only one but look at it this way. You are spending time with your child which is important but you also need to get out and about, there will be other mothers who are at home and who would welcome some outlets.

There are groups where you can join in activities which you would enjoy and give you something to work on. You can also look to take up some study or to learn some craft. Look at the things you would like to do in the future. Even if you are just a at home mother, you are just as worthwhile as the mothers who are out working.

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