Low self esteem

Hi, my name is Phoebe, I'm in my mid twenties and have a boyfriend of 3 years but I have always struggled with low self esteem.

I typed in 'low self esteem' into google and found this site. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and I became so upset because of these girls that he is looking at and I am no-where near that pretty.
I know I should be more loving to myself but honestly I just feel like crawling into a hole right now.
I hate my body and I wish my boyfriend could look at me like he does those girls sometimes. I know he loves me but seriously those girls are way more pretty.
I don't know what to do.

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low self esteem
by: Kay

Boys looking at girls is a way of life. Girls looking at boys is a way of life. You have to believe him when he says he loves you. There is a saying - 'You can admire the flowers, it doesn't mean you are going to pick them'.

Work on yourself esteem by letting yourself know that you are lovely, pretty and confident girl. You can choose your thoughts, and when you choose thoughts that make you feel good often enough, you will become this way.

Good luck.

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