Low self esteem

I've been feeling really down lately and am finding it so hard to snap out of it.

When I was young I suffered from depression due to being bullied at school and having arguments with my parents. I've never really had a proper relationship because I feel I'm not pretty enough and most guys just put me down.

My confidence has soared since I've been at college but I still get put down sometimes by people who say snide comments as I walk past even though I try to ignore it.

I've got a group of friends I hang with but sometimes I feel I can't talk to them about how I feel.

Can someone give me some advice on how I can raise my confidence please. I just wanna feel happy.

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low self esteem
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

I feel the main problem you have is, believe it or not, caused by you! You feel you aren't pretty enough, or that people put you down. In other words you are telling yourself negative things about yourself when you should be letting yourself know how wonderful you are.

It's true, negative thoughts bring you down, and when you tell yourself positive stuff you will feel much better. You have to start to like yourself and stop focusing on what you think are your faults.

When you focus on negative things, you get negative things back in your life. Focus on what you want to be like, tell yourself that you are pretty, that you are special and worthwhile, that you are confident, believe it.

I think that when we suffer from low self esteem or low confidence we start to imagine all sorts of horrible things, such as no one likes me, people always put me down, everyone talks about me and says nasty things.

A lot of times this is our imagination. We feel low and don't like ourselves, or we aren't happy the way we are. We sometimes feel that every one is better than us, is this how you feel?

You are as good or as special as each one of your friends. Why not ask them do they ever feel that they are not as good as other people, or do they ever wish they could be different from how they are. Ask them what way would they change if they could.

Get them to open up and share their thoughts with you. You may gain some helpful advice from them as to how they cope, and then maybe you can tell them your thoughts and how you feel.

Keep that confidence soaring, believe in yourself but most of all, love yourself. When you love yourself you will cope.

I wish you happiness.


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