Low Self Esteem ... crushed by loss of relationship and employment

by April
(Bellingham, Wa USA)

I can't handle any more rejection - I went from doing pretty okay, to no one hiring me and my boyfriend telling me in sly ways from the moment I moved in that I have low self-esteem or that implying in different ways that I wasn't good enough - flirting, wanting intimate connections with other women in his life ...

I am staying at my dad's at 40 and feel bottomed out and trying desperately - support groups, counselor, exercise, friends - to get back up but I wake up every day feeling sad/low and even with anti-depressants I can't seem to get back up...

I don't understand what is wrong with me? I am also very sensitive which I know doesn't make it easier - Someone please help, I need perspective and help.
Thank You

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