Low self esteem and no confidence

by Mlgjr

I am a 21 year old male college student. Over the past years I have been constantly comparing myself to others well at least the guys in my life friends family etc I can say I'm not the ugliest thing in the sea but I constantly look into the mirror and see differently.

I'm a young guy so I go out on the weekends a lot with friends who seem to never have a problem with women. I look on some of my friends Facebook wall and see very attractive girls writing, some even get upset when they don't respond! And then I go to mine and there's nothing and then I get to thinking what the hell am I doing wrong, now I'm not the guy who's never had a girl I've believe it or not I've had quite a few hot girls in the past but now that I'm older it's like I lost it. I'm pretty quiet and I don't know if that's why.

Someone please give me some advice

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Low self esteem
by: Kay

Hello, the best advice I can give you is to stop comparing yourself to others. You are how you are, and when you're not happy with how you are it is within your power to change.

The thoughts you have about yourself make you the way you are. To change you have to alter your thoughts. Stop with the negative ones and change your mindset to "I am a strong confident person" "I can do this" "I am capable" "I can do anything I put my mind to"

With regard to your Facebook page, you have to offer friendship to those girls to get them to become your friends. When you see one you like send them a friend request, then leave it to them. Looking at your page and feeling unhappy because you don't have many friends is something you can put right virtually overnight!

In real life, as on Facebook, you have to offer friendship to receive it. When you meet someone new don't hold back by thinking you have nothing to say. The secret is to ask them questions about themselves, get them to open up to you, this will then give you the opportunity to tell them about yourself when you reply. This is the best way to get new friends.

Your life is one of choices. You choose your thoughts, you can be whatever way you want. Start a positive thought process and don't allow anything negative to take root in your mind. Become a strong, confident, young man. You can do this, you only have to believe you can.


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