Low self esteem and low self confidence

by Laura

Well I have never had a boyfriend and I'm 20. I have trouble with making friends. I think I'm pretty but guys don't come and talk to me and I know it's because I probably don't look very happy or inviting.

I really don't get along with my family so that really doesn't help please I need serious help.....

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by: Hide09000

I love you, you are so beautiful ;)

I hear you
by: Anonymous

Want to know whats funny? I am a male who, like you, is attractive but don't ever approach pretty girls because I'm afraid to open up to them or of being rejected.

The ironic thing is, if I saw you in the grocery store, I would want to come up and talk to you but I wouldn't because I'm too scared. Just know that the people who you want to talk to, are hoping that you come talk to them also.

Low self esteem
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The problems you have are coming from the things you believe about yourself. First off, you're not pretty, you're gorgeous! You need to believe this fact and feel good about knowing it. This is a good start to changing the way you feel.

When you suffer from low self esteem you lack confidence and feel as though people don't like you and that they wont enjoy your company (I know this because I've been there, done that) I also know that when you are unsure of yourself you don't smile and therefore people assume, wrongly, that you are not friendly, or don't enjoy their company.

It's important that you raise your lips in a smile! When you feel that twinge of embarrassment for being where you think you aren't wanted, think of something that makes you smile, anything at all, because it is amazing the difference a smile can make to a face.

When you smile at someone, the battle is half won, and the next step is to say hi and ask how they are, or chat about anything to start the ball rolling. Ask about their day, what they are up to, what they like, favourite movies, anything that gets them talking about themselves and enables you to calm down inside to enable you to open up and blossom into the beautiful confident girl you know you can be. You may find that the fact you smiled leads someone to ask what are you smiling about, and then the door is opened for you to speak to them. You could maybe reply it's because you feel good inside!

It's all about the thoughts you have inside that mind of yours! Believe that you are worthwhile, confident, good to know, fun to be around and you will become this way. Once you put these thoughts into action they will become your reality, and you will be exactly the way you want to!

Believe it to make it so.


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