Low Self Esteem and Depression

by Amelia
(Baltimore, MD)

My mother does not love me, and never has. She never hugged me, or told me that she loved me, or that I was exceptional in any way. My father did, but for some reason, it just wasn't enough.

I am depressed constantly (even though I am on medication for it), and I am gaining weight like mad. I just don't seem to care about myself. I hate everything about myself.

How do I turn this around and care about myself enough to lose weight, get healthy, and not be so down all the time?

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Low self esteem and depression
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. There are many people who find it difficult to hug others and say I love you no matter how close they are to that person. Because your mother does not do this does not necessarily mean she doesn't love you.

There are relationships where one person tells another that they love him/her and then treat them badly, hitting them or saying degrading comments to hurt them.

You, and only you, hold the key to changing how you are. You do this by changing those negative things you think about yourself. You will find it very hard to improve while you don't like yourself. Can you change those thoughts that are limiting you into ones that help you to change?

You have become how you believe you are and this is not how you want to be. Choose your thoughts carefully because your thoughts are making your reality. Choose thoughts of love that make you feel good. Let them be happy positive ones about how capable you are, how you love the way you look, feel joy within and you will attract joy to you. Feel unhappy and negative and you attract this to you and become this way.

With regard to your weight, eat healthy food. Plenty of fruit and vegetables. No fast food as this is normally fattening. (I know it's yummy, but when you are determined to lose weight do your best to give it up and maybe after 6 months allow yourself a fast food meal once a month as a reward!)

Walking is a great way to help you lose weight, and if you can, walk daily, and while you are walking tell yourself all the wonderful comments about how worthwhile you are, how capable you have become, what a beautiful person you are. All good things about yourself that you long to hear and long to be like.

In time, if you keep with healthy eating, exercise, and positive self talk you will change how you are and will blossom into the beautiful person you yearn to be.

Trust me on this, stay determined and you will be able to change!

Good luck

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