low self confidence and always nervous

by Anonymous

After getting married last year I seem to be having a problem with expressing my feelings to my in-laws. I am always nervous especially when it comes to calling them "mom" and "dad" after being married for 8 months I still haven't had the confidence to call them the above. I get all nervous when I want to.

Secondly I am currently staying with my in-laws and they are very nice people but I just feel like I'm an outsider and since I have picked up a bit of weight it has made me more depressed. I am normal weight for my age but these changes just haven't been accepted in my mind. For the first time ever I find it very hard to adjust. I have also lost confidence in my capabilities. I honestly don't know what to do. Plus I have an amazing husband that's trying to help me get through this barrier.

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low self confidence and always nervous
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.

I think what makes me feel worst is that I am also working for my Father in-law and sometimes when I make a mistake I just become very hard on myself and it really gets me down. The only reason I haven't looked for another job because my husband is really trying to assist me with getting over this sadness and because one of the days he will have to take over and wants me by his side, as it will be our business.

P.s I love working with Husband as he has a lot of patience and consideration for my feelings.

low self confidence
by: Anonymous

With regard to calling your in-laws mom and dad why don't you ask them if you can call them by their Christian names? Many girls don't like calling the in-laws mom and dad, I know I didn't and so I understand the way you are feeling.

Br brave ask them, you won't know unless you do.

Good luck.

low self confidence and always nervous.
by: Anonymous

It is not easy living in someone else's home, it is your husband's childhood home but not yours. It would be the same for your husband if you were both living with your parents. You have to work on moving somewhere else even if it is a bit basic, I presume that you are working too. Are you saving up for a home? That is a start.

I think that you also have to talk to your husband and say to him that it was his home before you married him, he will be comfortable with it but you do not feel completely at home and would like to move out even as I say it is basic.
It is your mother in laws reserve and it is her home not yours which makes it difficult.
Someone else will have suggestions, if you talk to them and ask them what they did. Good luck

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