Low confidence/social anxiety

I'm a 19 year old male I'm tall some girls say I'm handsome others don't and I feel to scared to talk to girls sometimes I don't know why I really want to deep down but I get nervouse of rejection sometimes things girls say about me kill my confidence a lot of my close friends say I got all the looks I just lack the confidence

How do I become more alpha male and stop being a bitch I just can't even seem to snag avl relationship because I'm too nice or not confident enough

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by: Kay

Thank you for your message. It's not easy being confident every moment of the day. You are bound to have times when everything works for you and other times when you appear to be lacking confidence. This is normal when growing up.

Much of how you are is what you believe about yourself. Do you limit what you do by not doing stuff? Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy! Can you could start talking to yourself about how confident you are, and telling yourself how much you enjoy chatting to the girls? (as hard as this may seem) If so,in time you will get used to talking to them.

Throughout your life there will be people who think you are wonderful and those who don't think much of you. This is norml too. The important thing is what you think about yourself. Don't worry about what others think of you. Be yourself, don't attempt to change to suit other people. Stay as you are and cultivate your mind to think only good stuff about yourself and in time the thoughts you have will become true. Your thoughts make your reality.

You can do this if you stay determined.

Good luck.


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