low confidence

by Thoma

Throughout my entire life I have been very confident and aware of my ambitions and goals but within the last 4 months I have lost it all. No longer do I feel able to confront people and socialize. Unfortunately, I find myself spending a lot of time by myself and losing touch of my university experience.

At the beginning of the year I would have thought the now me to be an entirely different person but unfortunately things have changed. The things is, I don't know why I am acting like this and I have no idea why I am feeling so awkward.

I know what I want in life and I know how I am going to achieve it but recently I feel nervous when talking to my peers as well as adults. I have troubles keeping eye-contact and bringing up topics in a conversation and I have no idea why!

When I'm not around people I feel like I could definitely change this but when the talking begins I feel completely awkward.

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low confidence
by: Anonymous

When you face a failure that can make you lose confidence. Has something happened to make you doubt yourself.
It is a good idea to try something minor and see how you measure up. That will usually succeed and then go on to try something else.
If you have sympathetic friends who will listen talking to them will help if they can point out all the positive things in your life.
Take stock of all your abilities and talents and remember that no one is good at everything. It would be a dull world, if everyone is the same.

low confidence
by: Kay

How you are is the result of your own thoughts. Everything you do is the result of a thought. No one can choose them but you. When you aren't happy with how you are you hold the key to changing. No one can do this for you, only you.

How is this done? By changing the thoughts you have about yourself. Self talk is vital, it has to be positive, it has to be loving towards you. You can change if you make the effort. Stop today with all the negative thoughts you have, change them to positive and move forward with confidence into a new life of your choosing.

Good luck

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