by V K

There is a girl (non Muslim) we love each other, we have been together for 3 years now. I always knew it would be difficult for us to get married, but I thought I would convince my parents.

Of late the girl has been behaving like a dictator, She never wanted to convert to Islam and when I wanted to part ways, she would threaten that she would kill herself and I had to bend down.

Now my parents are looking out girls for me, and she is just not liking this, please help, I don't want to hurt my parents, nor her.

Please tell me some solution so that she can forget me.

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by: Anonymous

Unfortunately you cannot always fall in love to order and when your religions are incompatible, it can be difficult. Although in the past many faiths came from the same roots, there are differences in worship. It is something that you have to work out and in your case if she is Christian, there may be no compatability. If you both are to avoid future unhappiness, you may have to call it off.
You will just have to let her down gently if she is not willing to convert to Islam. She will have to come to an understanding about this as would she be acceptable to your family, and also her own family might not be happy about the relationship.

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