Lost my self confidence

I have been out of a job for the past several months. Since then I have been aggressively applying for jobs but have had no luck.

The problem is - I am having to go through a lot to find a job. I had to go through several interviews and either I don't do well due to extreme stress and strain, or even if I ace well, they go for another candidate.

I am dreading interviews and they make me feel depressed in the end. I am losing all hope and have lost my self confidence. Everyone of my friends who have lost jobs were able to find one immediately.

Maybe I am not smart enough or lucky and God doesn't want to help me anymore.

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Answer to all the problems
by: Anonymous

The most important thing in a interview that they are looking on you is the personality, if you look shy and do not express yourself free and confident, they consider you as a failure for that position. That happend to me several times and I have a great education until somebody told me in the interview
"I think that you are the most educated person for this position but during a interview we look for the personality and you need to express yourself free and confident".

After that interview I got a job, but I practice all the time. Good Lock. Last interview I had they ask me how had I prepared for the interview and I told them that my personality it was just like that "confident"

My Search
by: Dillon

Dear Kay,
I am a senior in high school, and I haven't felt my best in a long time. I've been lost, trying to find something that I can connect with, all the while struggling to remember things. I forget some of the little things I need to remember, and I also forget things in normal conversation. I let it get out of control somehow and I don't have an easy time thinking of things to say when I'm around friends. I feel that maybe I'm not stimulated enough. I noticed even my interests have seemed dull. I tried staying with it, but it's tough without as much support as I used to have from friends a few months ago. Life got hectic, and I always thought "It'll get easier!", but now I see that as a pipe dream. I've been trying, but it seems so tough and almost no rewards, only lost time and hard time with motivation of doing fun things. Is this normal? Do I have memory situation I need to fix by myself or with a professional? All advice would surely help me in my hard time. Of course I appreciate it :)
Hi Dillon, Of course I have no idea whether you have a memory problem and I would recommend that you see a professional person who will be able to help you.
I can only suggest that you stay as positive as you can, don't always feel the need to talk. Become a listener. Ask the person you are with questions about themselves, their hobbies, favourite music, actor, food, get them to open up about themselves. This will show that you are caring and when they reply it gives you the opportunity to speak about yourself and other things that come to mind. Don't force your thoughts, sometimes quiet it good! Decide what you want to do, something you are passionate about and slowly work your way towards it. Doesn't matter how long it takes, just take your time until you succeed. Good things take time! Nothing is a pipe dream if you decide to do it, and you have to choose to do it, not just dream about it. Your thoughts make your reality, so go for it!

I also think I have lost my self-confidence

About six months ago I used to believe in myself, I used to be an intelligent student and also loved to converse with people. I always scored good marks in exams. But now I think I am nothing, I am afraid of conversation with others. I think I do not know how to and it seems almost everyone is better than me in all aspects. I am unable to concentrate on anything I do. Please help.

have confidence in self
by: Anonymous

Have confidence on yourself. try mo and more. The day will come you will click.

The same thing happened in my life in my past. But the time came when I clicked.

Always think that " You can win" and "you are the best".

All the best

losing self-confidence and esteem
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I have been applying for a job for past 8 months with no luck which has made me run into depression.

Among friends and family I always used to be confident and never used to have any doubt about my employability given my qualifications and presentability, but misfortune with a job has now dragged me to the bottom of my esteem and I don't have a pinch of confidence to go through another round of interviews.

As far as my presentation and confidence at interviews is concerned I have no doubts, as I have evidently impressed panels. After repeated failures contrary to all my expectations as well as the family's and friends' I'm beginning to see myself a failure. this was never what i used to be, so please help me.

no self confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Don't give in to despair! When you tell yourself you dread interviews you are making things worse for yourself. Whatever thoughts you have make you the way you are.

Can you start looking upon the interviews as a challenge? When you go for your next interview tell yourself that this Company needs you because you have the right skills to do the job, and are the right person for the job. Believe this with all your heart, and this will give you confidence.

When you go to an interview doubting your ability and telling yourself that there's no way you're going to get this job, this is what you will portray to the interviewer. They want you to show confidence, ambition, inner strength, and you can show all of this when you change what you focus on.

It's not God that doesn't want to help you, it's your own thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goals. Concentrate really hard on staying focused on getting a job.

Choose positive thoughts, always, and get rid of any negative stressful thoughts that come to mind, they serve no purpose and bring you down.

A positive attitude is vital for you, and I truly hope you can bring this into all areas of your daily life. When you have a positive attitude you will be much stronger and find you can cope more easily.

Good luck with your job search.


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