Lost confidence and it's ruining my relationship

by Annette

I'm 23 years old. I met my fiancé when I was 21 and he has full custody of his son. I was a very eager and confident woman who had a lot of drive and was a manager of a nationally well known sports bar.

About 10 months after us meeting, I quit my job because the hours were not good for our relationship and I wanted to have more time for him and his son (who now calls me mommy). I helped him with his business for a few months and then got another job, but that didn't work either. I've now been unemployed for 4 months and am 3 months pregnant. I am just very unhappy because he works all the time and I'm at home alone all the time. I don't have any friends where we live - neither does he - but he still has interaction with people where I don't anymore.

When I worked in a bar, I was constantly around people and constantly feeling like I had a purpose. Now I'm insecure, and jealous. It's ruining our relationship because if he works late I'm mean when he gets home because I'm lonely and really all I want is his attention. What do I do? My jealousy and insecurity is ruining our relationship even though he says he isn't going anywhere and he loves me with everything he has and he works all the time for us. I need help!! I want to feel beautiful again and I don't want to keep nagging him to reassure me that he wants to be with me. And I want friends!! Please help me!!!!

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lost confidence and its ruining my relationship
by: Anonymous

Until now you have been in charge of your life and this has been taken away from you. You need to get out and get contact with other people and maybe if there is a part time job that will give you home time, you could think of taking it on or else get into some voluntary work when you are going to feel you are doing something worthwhile.
Even if you are living in a relationship, you are still your own person and you still need outside interests,
It is a mistake to invest all in your partner and he also has a need for outside interests too that you may not share. When you are together you will have other matters to share about your days
You owe it to your baby to keep in touch with the world as time goes by and one day any children that you have will be grown and gone

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