Loss of my baby

by Gopalan
(UAE )

I lost 2 of my babies in last 1 1/2years. One at 3 months and other one at 6 months. Doctors couldn't find heart beat when went for a check up and the baby was dead inside me. I was depressed after the first pregnancy but because I used to work, my mind was occupied. But for the 2nd pregnancy, I quit my job since the time I got pregnant.

Now even after 2months, I just cannot get myself back together. I am so scared of everything that is happening in my life now. I just feel that everything that I love god is taking it away from me. I feel scared for my husband and pray for his well being all the time. Think about my baby and keep crying all day.

At times, the negative thoughts just over power me so much that I don't even know what I am doing. I can't go back to work because we need to plan a baby again and I might have to quit my job again after months. I have been quite successful in my career, was fun loving and such an outgoing person that I hate to be in this state. Please help!!!

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