looking for a better way

by a lost soul
(balto md.)

I am a 30 year old black male with 4 kids. I have no high school diploma &, I come from the streets of Balto. About 5 years ago I decided to change my life by finding a job and stop running the streets. Now, by me running the streets damn near all my life, I dug myself a nice hole and it was & still is very hard for me to get out of it, but I am not gonna give up.

My job doesn't pay much at all and it's really a dead end but, I do thank the lord for blessing me with one. Because how I used to live I could be in a grave right now or locked up. I am very tired and frustrated with my life and its hard out here & s--t ain't getting any easier.

I am trying to get some of my past removed off my record but it's a process & it takes a while. I feel like I am not moving forward. It feels like I am right where I started 5 years ago.

I really need some advice or maybe some motivation because I don't know which way to go right now. If you think you could give me some words of wisdom, I would kindly appreciate it. Thank you

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by: Anonymous

It does not matter what creed or colour you are, you are one of God's children the same as anyone else.
What matters is who you are inside.
You have a brain and ability and the capability of pulling yourself up from where you are.
It is so easy to put yourself down when you accept the opinions of other people. They only do that to make themselves feel superior and they may also suffer from inferiority.
You are doing the best that you can do, just go along with what you are doing now.

Lifes problems
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. I think you are amazing. You are what this website is about. Knowing you have problems and doing your best to overcome them, and more importantly staying determined to succeed no matter what life throws at you.

If I was to share any words of wisdom with you they would be that you have inside you an amazing spirit, one that you are tapping into and one that is seeing you through adversity.

Everyone has this strength within them but it is not everyone who comes to know this. You have tapped into your inner being 'the wise you' and when you listen to this inner person you will never give up, because the inner you knows that you can achieve no matter what life throws at you. You can feel the fear and do it anyway, because you already are.

I applaud your efforts. I know you get frustrated because things aren't moving as fast as you would wish, but good things take time, so just go with the flow, listen to your heart,and know that you will succeed eventually.

Good luck,


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