Long term mental health illness from stress and media exposure

I have found it hard to stay positive by being overwhelmed by my asperger's condition. When I have gone out in the past I have become anxious by people talking about me.

I live in a rural area so it can be hard to get away from gossipers. I now know how to get through situations better but I still feel I lack confidence.

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Mental health Illness
by: Anonymous

Whatever mental health issues you or anyone has had or having, no one can see it. People just see you from the outside of you. The amount of ignorance about it in this day and age is astonishing.
This often happens to people who are intelligent,or something shocking happens to them.
Its surprising how ignorant people are about these things,simply because it has not happened to them.
I must still be ignorant about a lot of things in life,but strive to learn as much as I can, so I'm not.
' But for the Grace of God go I' is relevant
I believe the only time you should look down on people is to help them up.

by: Anonymous

I have always said that ignorance is the most dangerous thing in the world

Long term mental health illness
by: Anonymous

It is hard to ignore anything like this but the people who talk about others are often ignorant and do not know what it is like to suffer a disability regardless of what it is. It is so easy to put down anyone who is different and it is hard for anyone with some sort of disability to cope with it.

There is a saying that one has to walk in the shoes of another person to be able to realise what they are having to cope with and also how they feel.

I think that anyone who has gone through some sort of trauma of any kind should be able to understand.
All of us have had to deal with something what has happened in our lives and it takes a lot of courage to do that.
The best that you can do, is to get along with your life and just remember that you can only do what you can and just let these miserable people go.

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