by Celine Lim

I'm hate my life. I feel like I am not needed by anyone. When I go to school, I'm always quiet and don't mix with my friends. But one day, at my grandmother house I found a kitten which I named it Miao Miao. Miao Miao always made me feel happy and we were always together. She was the one that made my life more meaningful. No so long ago she died. From this time, I feel I fell into the dark world again. I don't know why God is teasing me like this, and now I feel like I want to die with Miao Miao...

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by: Anonymous

You are not the only one to feel lonely, there are other people out there who feel just how you do and some of them will be at your school.
You talk about the little cat who gave you company. What about finding a charity which cares for stray animals and work as a volunteer, I am sure there are societies which care for lost and neglected animals or find another pet to keep you company. You will be brought into touch with people who love animals and you will have something in common.
Look at your interests and hobbies, there are people who share these you will be in common with.

by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. It is always sad to lose a pet and I am sure you miss Miao Miao a great deal.

Sometimes in life we have to make the effort to be friendly and chat with those we consider to be friends. When we don't attempt to be friendly then we become lonely, and this appears to have happened in your life.

Make the effort to have fun with your friends, you are too young to feel this way. Your life is one of choices that only you can make. You can choose to be friendly or you can choose to be lonely. I hope you choose to be friendly because this will make you happy.

Good luck.


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