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I suffer from loneliness and no self confidence.

Both are acute in their own way. I love making friends but no friend stays with me for long. It's like I love to give them a listening ear but no one shows the interest that I show in them.

I feel like a loser. It's like I am considered one of the most happening girls in college and at my work as well but I am very lonely inside. I don't wish to get married but I want a companion, be it a girl or a guy, but I want someone who can love me for life, for whom my problem is theirs and who would love to spend their life with me.

Secondly, yes I suffer from a no confidence problem. I was always good at studies as well at sports. I am good at work as well as at my communication skills but somehow I feel no confidence. It's like people believe in me but I don't believe in myself. It kills me when I don't feel confident.

Recently I got over a very good friend of mine who broke contact with me as she felt I became possessive about her. I mean it's crazy. I don't know what to do. I am stuck from all sides.
Please advise what can I do to start feeling happy again. I am not motivated at all.

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. I feel because you are so lonely you may come across to your friends as being clingy, and maybe a bit too demanding of their time.

Sometimes when we want something badly we tend to go over the top with what we offer. Maybe if you step back a bit and not crowd your friends, by being demanding of their time, you will find they invite you to be with them more often.

Most people want a very close friend, one that we can turn to and tell our problems too, but not every one is going to want to be that special friend to you. This doesn't mean they don't like you, or don't want to be a friend, it just means they will be with you sometimes but not all the time.

Relax, don't expect too much from people, be friendly, but don't give too much of yourself to everyone. That special person will come along, but if you come on too strong, demanding their time too much you might scare him/her off.

Change your self talk, make it "I believe in myself" and not "I don't believe in myself". We get what we believe, so your thoughts are limiting your ability. Start with thinking lots of good positive thoughts about yourself. As time passes you will feel your inner self changing to be stronger inside.

Change your thoughts - change how you are!

Good luck


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