Liking and loving yourself

by Frank DeFranco Jr.
(New York )

I'm sure Hitler, Stalin, George Bush and Osama bin Ladin all liked if not loved themselves. It seems to me that some people, and I gladly include myself in this category, are well worth disliking, even hating, and that sometimes when the whole world shuns you and tells you that you're worthless (be it through it's actions or communications towards you) that the world is right and you're not worth liking.

The four examples above should be adequate proof that liking/loving/approving of yourself is not always the right/real/or best attitude. Think how different the world would be if the people above thought less of themselves.

Just a small bone to chew on from a small and hateful man. But I never claimed to like myself so don't feel bad if you don't like me either. On this I know we all can agree.

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Personality disorder is the key
by: Anonymous

These people that you mention, Hitler for example, did have a personality disorder. Hitler hated the Jews, but was one himself. Somehow in his twisted mind, he justified trying to rid the world of them. It wasnt them, it was him. That goes for the rest you mentioned. Narcisism is a personality disorder.

You, I think, have an inferiority complex. The more you tell yourself that you are disliked,your mind is like a computer, it will accept what information is put into it. You have to say the opposite to yourself, and you might just start to find that you have some nice qualities.

Liking and loving yourself
by: Kay

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Even those people you mention have people who love them and think they are wonderful.

When you aspire to greatness you can be great. A great man is not necessarily an evil man to the whole world. Everyone holds different beliefs and values. What is right/good to some is wrong/evil to others.

You may feel the world hates you and thinks low of you, but this is only true if you believe it of yourself.

People are what they believe they are, they believe what is true to them. You judge yourself harshly. You imply the world shuns and hates you and that you are worthless, this does not mean you are, it means only that you believe what they say. You can choose not to agree and to stay true to the knowledge that you are indeed worthwhile, no matter what others say about you.

Only you hold the power to judge yourself, and you have done so and appear bitter with your choice. But remember, it was your choice.

You have the power to be a kind, loving, and decent person but once again the choice is yours.

You are wrong when you think I don't like you. Why should I dislike you? I don't know you, nor would I judge you, I have no right.

I regret the choices you have made for yourself in this lifetime. You are missing out on much joy that could be yours if you were to change the attitude you have of yourself. It does not matter what others think about you, it does matter however what you think about yourself.

It is for you to know how you are, and I can only hope you come to realise that you do have the choice to stay as you are or change and be happy, or maybe I have got it wrong, and you are happy with the way you are.


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