life is a journey which comprise problems & solutions but easy way to get through is just to enjoy each moment as a new surprise.

by deepika rao
(new - delhi)



Since, I was born I struggled a lot in my life sometimes for making friends & getting a good position around the world, but I never felt bad or down whenever I come across any problem in life, because it's my inner belief in God and good deeds that motivated me to move on in life by avoiding and forgetting petty issues.

Life is actually not boring, but we feel as if the problem is only meant for us, and destiny being too rude to us that it only lets us face difficulties in life, makes us shed our tears for petty issues.

The truth that lies within such thoughts is that we all need to understand and know that if there was never any kind of problem, or if we were never sad, we could never understand what life is all about, and why God has gifted us magical powers to make everyone smile all the time.

When I make some one smile I feel my life is worthy, as if God has asked me to be a reason for someone's smile and happiness.

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