life is a bitch

by Allen T
(Cape Canaveral Florida)

I am 29 and more lost than ever. been drinking and smoking pot for too long.... my brain is toast. I feel that there is no way for me to have a normal life. Perhaps I missed to starting gun... the green light.... whatever the f**k you call it. I'm sick of my life and if these feelings get any worse I don't know whats gonna happen. when you don't have any prospects for jobs, being a convicted felon for a goddamn possession charge you wonder if it's better to just put a 45 caliber round through the skull.

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I wont let life beat me
by: Anonymous

You are only 29 yrs old. The person you are at the moment is the person you have slowly become over the years.You didnt start out like that did you? Once you were a fresh faced kid who enjoyed life,and thats the person you need to be again.
You can replace one habit with another one. A better one. It will take hard work though. You have to,alter your mindset.

How determined are you? Are you sick and tired of being at the bottom? Do you want to wake up and think ' This is,the life I wanted'? Start taking responsibility for your self. There are people out ther with some real disadvantages in life that wont let ANYTHING beat them. you are your own author of your story,so make yourself proud of you!

You yourself more than anybody in the entire Universe,deserve your love and affection,go for it!

Life is a bitch
by: Anonymous

It is a law of nature that we draw to ourselves what we anticipate. You have it in you to turn your life around no matter how hard it is going to be. It is no good blaming the people around you even if they may make your feel bad and incompetent. You do not have to accept what they throw at you. One small step at a time it is up to you. It is just too easy to accept the judgements of other people and it does make you realise that what you do to other people affects them in no small way.
You will find someone who will support and help you if you look around

by: Anonymous

It's not. Not yet. Have you given it everything you got? EVERYTHING, Allen. Change is hard, especially if you're impatient. Grind it out, you'll make it.

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