Life can change for the better.

by P.E. Keats

I look round at the hassles people are having with their lives. One way of looking at it, that if one is not faced with challenges, you learn nothing, I have been there done that. When you view life from a distance and you see all the mistakes you made when younger you cringe but then when you see yourself now you see that you have come a long long way.

I read the books people have written about their lifes journey, how they went off the rails but in getting themselves back on the rails again, they learned some very good lessons and they also had compassion. I looked at the lives of a number of people I know who stayed in their own little comfort zones or else they had always been successful often at the expense of other people they put down or trod on to get where they wanted to go. I look at them now and I realise just how shallow some of them were and there were those who tarnished their professions by being spiteful and vicious to the point of causing harm to others who were really struggling. Did they learn anything in the end.

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