Letting go

I have done it before, but it doesn’t make it easier.

It will be just as hard the next time.
I met someone who ended up being so different to what I thought they were.
Maybe they’re not too different but just made a mistake.
I know that I loved them but they let me down time and time again, maybe if I had let go sooner It would have been easier but letting go is something I find hard.
I don’t know how to mark the process of letting this person go and it doesn’t help that they are not giving up either, maybe I should say something.
Still part of me doesn’t want to let go and believe that I can half keep them without getting hurt if I try hard enough and maybe in some time this might be true.
But I know that keeping them is only hurting myself and to be free I need to let them go.
It is hard to accept that someone who means a lot to you isn’t good for you.
For a while there will be a part of me that still wants, but I do know that I will be happier without him.
So I am letting go.

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Letting go
by: Sheelagh

Other comments sound so familiar, all the rejection, the hurt.
These days I think differently. These days I believe in myself and have stopped being so hard on myself. I learnt all the wrong things when I was younger, and somehow always blamed myself. Its self destructive, and allowed people that did not have my best interests at heart, to exploit it. Now, when people reject me, I think - its their loss- because I know I'm a decent person. What I'm really saying is anything that happens on the outside of me, does NOT affect me. I choose my friends, and anyone who doesn't treat me with the respect that you would a real friend, gets left behind. Some friendships last a lifetime, some a short time. Why worry?" the secret is- dont EVER stop liking yourself

letting go
by: Anonymous

It does hurt a lot when someone rejects you. You are not on your own, but there are other people out there who will love you for you.

Looking back I felt rather upset when I contacted people I had come across in work situations earlier and found that they did not want any further association with me. I wondered if there were something wrong with me. It made me feel that I was not worth their attention but then it was just a matter of ships passing in the night and it was later that I found the friends that really meant something to me. I had also worked in an area years ago and found the local people very unfriendly. People do form into little cliques and they keep other people out.

The best is to move on as you say and other people will come into your life with whom you have much in common. If you were rejected those other people were not for you.

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