Lack of security

by Shaza

It's my biggest fear - I feel insecure all the time. It crops up like a big monster at times in my relationship: fear of my partner dying, leaving me homeless, jobless and with no prospects to look after myself, unable to cope with the overwhelming horror of what the outcome may be.

I think too much, negative thoughts invade my mind and affect my behaviour towards others, especially my partner. I love him so much, but I am frightened he will let me down and hurt me - if not in life, then in death.

Silly really, I am hurting myself with my powerful imagination over things that haven't happened yet, and may never will! I should be celebrating my life with him, not looking beyond it.

Anybody any idea how to get out of this one please?

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Lack of Security
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.
I have the answer to your problem, but it's so easy I wonder whether you will accept it! Change your thought pattern.

When you realise the big problem you have is your negative thinking, and the fact that you have the ability to choose your thoughts, you will find you are able to change your life.

Our lives are a result of the thoughts we have that we act upon. Every time you let a thought into your mind that you act upon, this becomes a part of your life and becomes part of your day.

Fear is literally a thought. It does not exist, other than in your mind. It is the reaction you have to a negative thought. It is a total waste of energy and causes you pain and worry, all for no reason at all.

You have a powerful imagination, and you are right, the imagination is very powerful. Why not put it to a positive use rather than negative? A much better idea I think!

Imagine a future that is wonderful, see yourself and your husband in a wonderful home, both of you very happy, with wonderful jobs, go over the top with your positive thoughts. These good thoughts will banish the fearful one in time. Should you be aware of a negative one, instantly let it go and bring in a positive thought.

You hold the power to change your life, it is all in the way you think. Only you can choose the thoughts you have. Make them happy and positive and see your life become wonderful.

Good luck


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