Lack of motivation

by darkCeleste

The homelessness feeling I had last summer expanded - what a great conqueror it proved to be. I've lost sight of every shore, I do not remember anything.....lost...lost....sleeping under the before - spring- sun. My senses do not appear to function anymore. I want to sleep just 'cause breathing is tooo heavy for me. necrophilia all over me...

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Sa i mire se jam
by: Una

O sa i mire se jam, o sa i mire se jam..

Lack of motivation
by: Kay

Your words are very thought provoking, I am intrigued by them.

I am uncertain whether you do actually suffer with lack of motivation, or whether you are sharing your wonderful gift of words.

You have put in brackets, (always land,) and yet your words imply that you have lost site of it. But the fact that you know land is there, to me implies that you are able to cope.

Are you as despairing as these words? I hope not, and should you be, I hope you will gain help from within this website.

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