Lack of confidence

by Elizabeth.

Lack of confidence is a very common problem and most of us have it in some degree. It is debilitating, it stops you from coping with life when other people seem to sail through whatever comes up in their lives.

It stops you from achieving, it stops you from taking action when faced with emergencies, you are afraid of what other people think or what they could do to you if you defied them. You may not be able to take charge of what you are supposed to be doing or make mistakes that you need not have made.

People underachieve when they are not aware of hidden talents they have, or when family and employers put them down. Children who have been sheltered and not allowed to take some responsibility for themselves or who have been overindulged and too much done for them, when they finally have to make decisions and go out in the world find that they are unable to know what to do. Other children who have had parents who expected too much of them and who made them feel ignorant and incapable of doing anything worthwhile are in the same box.

Social skills are very important not only for recreation but also in work situations, you need to know how to relate to people differently according to the occasion and with whom you are dealing. Your association with your superiors at work are going to be different to your relations with your friends and your family.

If you are being bullied, you need some assistance to get that under control so that the other person is not able to go on making you feel inadequate. In other words a confident manner is important so that when speaking to other people they get the message that you know what you are doing.


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