lack of confidence, sensitive and worse when not looking good

by Ramila
(Philadelphia, P.A.)

I am always scared to speak up, do not ask more questions, I feel my spoken English not so good, I feel I do not look good.

My husband sick so makes me low and feel sorry for myself, I do not have that much energy. I am scared of losing my job, and scared of everything and anything.

I always look at people and feel they are clever, successful and good looking. My husband passes lots of negative vibes, actually I am just fed up with life.

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what to do
by: ashish

What to do, many people says that think *ve, but who to think *ve, I really not look good at all.
so I am not going out of my house nowadays there are many good looking persons in world why did god made me so bad that even bad looks better than me, why why why! I am feeling I want to die now. I don't have confidence to leave now. Should I leave this world.

Low self-worth
by: Kay

Hello Ramila,
Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. After reading your message, I feel that the main problem you have is a low self worth.

For some reason you don't like yourself at the moment. You appear to focus entirely on what is wrong with you, and what might go wrong in your life.

Take another look at what you have written. There is not one good thing about you in there, although you praise people you don't even know.

When you focus only on negative things about yourself, you draw negative things to you! Every negative thing about you has been caused by the way you think of yourself.

You have to love yourself Ramila. When you love yourself you will start to appreciate yourself and this will bring joy into your life.

Each of us has freedom of choice. You choose to think negative thoughts about yourself. No one can give you your thoughts, they are uniquely yours.

You can choose to believe good, positive thoughts as true, or you can choose to accept your negative thoughts about yourself. No one can force you to be negative. This is the choice you have made, possibly without even realising.

Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Decide today Ramila to change those thoughts you have to more positive ones. Look in the mirror, smile at yourself, and say "I love you Ramila, you are soooooo beautiful!" Tell yourself this often, and let yourself know what a wonderful worthwhile person you are.

Don't be scared, when you are scared all you are doing is feeding the negativity in your life and increasing your fear. Fear is just a thought Ramila, when you choose to stop that scared thought you will no longer have fear.

Remember everything that is wrong in your life is caused by the thoughts you are having about yourself. Change your thoughts, change your life.

I wish you a happy positive life.


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